Welcome to my site. I am Udo Stadtsbuchler, psychotherapist, creator of Applied Body and Mind Dynamics (ABMD) a therapy that combines conventional psychotherapy with my own findings and insights, as well as with Energy Therapy, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Linguistics and Neurolinguistics. I am the author of 'Happiness Discovered' and writer of numerous workshop manuals for personal development.

I have now developed Control Your Brain, Control Your Life, a program that teaches how to master your life and lead it in the direction you want to go.

Control Your Brain, Control Your Life greatly differs from most comparable programs, as it not only provides you with written modules, but also allows you to interact regularly with me personally by email or telephone.

How come that some people have all the success they want and can be happy from here to eternity?

How come that so many people find success so elusive?

Are happiness and success correlated? If so, do we need to experience success first in order to be happy? Or is happiness a prerequisite for success? Is it possible to be happy without having success?

Most importantly:

Can you learn how to bring success into your life?

Can you learn how to be happy?


If you want to find the answers to these questions carry on reading. However, the answers to the most important questions you can have right now:

Yes, you can learn how to bring success into your life.

Yes, you can learn how to be happy.

The key to it is with you already. It may be hidden so deep inside you that you cannot find it, but it is there. Let us name it the brain control key. It is this key that gives you mastery over your thoughts. Once you assume control over your thoughts, you are also in control over your feelings and emotions. This control gives you mastery of your life.


Two characteristics are essential to achieve this mastery: self-confidence and self-esteem. Without self-confidence and self-esteem you cannot create the belief in yourself that you are capable of achieving mastery over your life. However, with a very high level of self-confidence and self-esteem you can achieve mastery easily and elegantly.


Can you learn how to be confident and with a very high level of self-esteem? Yes, you can.

This and more is what Control Your Brain, Control Your Life is all about. This program boosts both your self-confidence and your self-esteem. Not only this, but it also guides you to master all aspects of your life that are important for you.







Your life does not change to the better just by a stroke of luck, or just by chance, or because you wish it to change. It can only change when you take specific, positive, and appropriate action.

Are you successful in every aspect of your life that is important for you? Research suggests that for most people the following aspects are most important in their lives:

                                           Loving relationship / Happy family life

                                           Financial security


                                           Meaningful work

                                           Social life





How about you? Do you agree? If this is so, have you mastered these aspects?

You can replace some of them with others of greater importance for you, and you can ask yourself again, how successful you are.

If you are, do not bother to continue reading. You have every reason to be happy, because you have it all. Congratulation!

However, if you want to improve on one or more of these criteria, continue reading.

If you think you are successful, but have the feeling that something is missing in your life, if you feel unsatisfied, continue reading.

If you feel that you are not in control over your life, but that life controls you, continue reading.


Control Your Brain, Control Your Life does exactly what it says. It gives you control over your life. You will learn how to use your brain's natural abilities to master all your life's circumstances beautifully and elegantly and to overcome challenges that life throws at you with ease and confidence. You will have success at whatever you want to be successful.


Control Your Brain, Control Your Life is an interactive internet based program that enables you, the client, to communicate with me directly. You will download the Core Module as a starter program, and you can add more modules according your requirements. You work through these modules and you will be in direct and personal contact with me by email and telephone (Skype) to let me assist you in achieving what you had set out to achieve.

This contact will be once a week using Skype at a predetermined time.

In addition, you can also email me at any time whenever you have any queries.

If so requested, I will establish a forum where participants can communicate with one another.


You will receive the PDF version of my book 'Happiness Discovered' at no
additional cost. 'Happiness Discovered' is an integral and necessary part                 
of Control Your Brain, Control Your Life and, therefore, is required reading.
You can also acquire it in print or for Kindle e-reader from Amazon.
For most other e-readers you can buy it from


I have designed the program’s core module in such a way that you should be able – with my help – to get through it easily within 5 weeks.

All other modules you should finish as easily within 3 weeks.


In order to give you my full attention, I never have more than 20 participants on these courses.


Core Module: This module explains theory and practice of Control Your Brain, Control Your Life. With it, you will also receive my book, Happiness Discovered, which is an essential part of the program. The module you will help you to improve your self-confidence, your motivation, and your time management. You need your confidence to create the belief in yourself that you can overcome all obstacles to your goal.

You need to be motivated to do so in the face of adversity. This adversity is, among others, your own lethargy, and the discomfort that you will first experience when you drag yourself out of your so-called comfort zone.

Time management for many of you is essential, because you will need to dedicate a certain amount of time each day to work through the program.


Additional modules address the following criteria directly:


                                                            Meaningful love relationship / Great family life

                               Financial security

                               Health and wellbeing

                               Fulfilled social life

                               Meaningful and productive work

                               The right balance


The contents of these modules are exactly what their names suggest.

'The right balance' has no printed content, but is purely one-to-one conversation by telephone and email.


In case you do not find a module that addresses your personal issues and requirements, let me know. I will design a module for you at the same cost of the other modules.


More modules
I will develop according to clients' demands. Should you have issues that the modules on offer do not cover, contact me and I will assist you in overcoming these issues.


Control Your Brain, Control Your Life
is not for everyone. You need to commit yourself to the program. This means you need to do certain mind exercises every single day without exception. Only when you are 100% committed to it will you succeed. With your commitment to the program and with my help success and happiness are within your reach.


If you have any question regarding Control Your Brain, Control Your Life or if you need advice whether this program is for you email me


Master Club:

After you did the modules that enable you to control your life, you can join my Master Club for one year. During this year you can still contact me by email or twice monthly through Skype for more advice and guidance. I will also contact you by email from time to time to learn about your progress.

You are still required to work on yourself after the course. However, oftentimes people experience some kind of fatigue after the hard mind work they had put into their work, and they become careless and negligent. They might be tired of still doing mind exercises, and this will lead them on the slippery slope to failure.

Master Club helps you to stay focused. Moreover, you can ask questions and discuss your personal issues, even beyond the parameter of the modules you studied.


Any questions or for an assessment of your issues




                                                                                                                                Before:                        After:

Your Brain, Control Your Life is a wonderful program.              

Prior to being introduced to it I suffered low self esteem, lacked             

confidence and my “comfort zone” was a poor substitute for the

life I could be living.

I continue to be amazed at my success from an unhappy, overweight

and lost soul to a vibrant, attractive, confident woman. I have “before and after” photographs in my purse and when I tell people about the program I have been following and show them the photo of the “old me”, they are absolutely astounded and cannot believe “we” are the same person. People are always telling me that there is a “sparkle” about me which is so attractive !

Udo Stadtsbuchler is a competent, enthusiastic mentor and I would have no hesitation in recommending his excellent program to anyone who has the desire to change their lives for the better.
E.C., Berks. UK

Dear Udo
As you see, my sessions with you have more than paid off.
I must confess to being a cynic with regard to all things related to therapy of any description; be it hypnosis, psychotherapy you name it. My view has always been 'get a grip of yourself and get on with it!'
Now I can climb mountains. I can sit on a rock about 3 feet square with 800 feet of air just to the side of me and not have the slightest urge to jump off! I can lead single pitch climbs (that's me going first with no rope above) and leap across canyons without any qualms (O.K. the last one was a lie).
All in all, whatever you did and however you did it, I am extremely grateful. I have not lost my cynicism in all things 'mystic' or whatever I see as unscientific, but I will recommend you to anyone who has a phobia or other psychological problem.
Climbing has become a real passion for me, and I will always be in your debt.
M.B., Oxon, UK

I chose to invest my time in the Control Your Brain, Control Your Life program, because it seemed the most natural and safe way for me to reach my personal goals, achieve success and become happier. My life now is better than I could have ever foreseen and getting better all the time.
Udo supports and guides his clients every step of the way with kindness, generosity and patience. Learning to become happier by following and practicing his unique program really works if you put the time and effort in.

I feel as though I have unlocked my potential in every aspect of my life. I now see myself as a highly intelligent individual and have discovered the wonderful ability I have to be highly successful and at the same time have fun and be happy.

Congratulations if you decide to engage with Control Your Brain, Control Your Life.

A.L., Berlin, D

Control Your Brain, Control Your Life is the best personal development program I have come across. Udo is an outstanding psychotherapist and motivator. He is sympathetic, a friend, a great listener, extremely generous, resourceful and he has the patience of an angel.

N.C., Marbella, Spain


Price List, from August 01, 2011

Core Module: U.S. $700

All other modules: $500

Master Club: $200 per month*, or $1800 if paid for 1 year in advance

One-to-one personal telephone consultation:

(1 hour or part thereof): $120

*membership can be canceled at any time


Payments can be made with PayPal.

To make this investment into your future now, click on the link below (to which will open the PayPal order form.



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